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Natural Plant Fiber Accessories

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Anna, our designer: “I was inspired to create this collection by children themselves: by their infinite desire to learn about the world, be active, and greet every day with a smile. That’s why all our models were constructed so that every child could find the accessory that would satisfy their tastes and interests. Every detail and proportion in every model was carefully and thoroughly developed. All the materials, patterns, linings, and decorative elements fit together perfectly amongst themselves. All of the models are constructed for the child’s maximum comfort. All the hats and caps have an adjustable ribbon/worker so that they fit perfectly and stay in place during play. Both internal and external pockets are fitted with zippers, so all your child’s treasures stay safe during even the most active play. The collection itself is done in bright, vivid colors to bring joy and positivity to kids, and to be an addition to the adventures they experience every single day. For the parents, I wanted to make something similarly comfortable and light, while also maximizing practicality and style.”