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Natural Plant Fiber Accessories

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Our Story

Welcome to the D-Angel family!

In 2020, we started D-Angel with the intention to help families around the world. Our collection was born from the desire to provide kids with comfortable, lightweight accessories that would be both stylish and practical. Each product we offer is made out of high-quality, breathable natural fiber. Check out our catalog of products for hats and caps that protect your child from the sun, and bags and backpacks that fit all their necessities. Welcome to the family!

A Big Idea

The idea to create this brand united two moms: one mom has the skills for starting a business from scratch, and the other is a designer of clothes and other products for children. Combining their skills led to the creation of D – Angel: a brand of children’s accessories from ecologically clean materials. The brand is centered around the design and development of unique headwear and bags/backpacks for kids. Our products are super light, breathable, and most importantly, are made out of environmentally clean natural fiber. 

  Functional & Practical

Developed with consideration for all kinds of interests since every person is so different! However, our accessories do have one main purpose: to protect your kids from the sun, and make sure the time their spend outside is as comfortable as possible.  All of the models are constructed for the kids’ maximum comfort. All the hats and caps have an adjustable ribbon so that they fit perfectly and stay in place during the day.